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WEKAF GB assists virtual Arnis Junior Olympics

On October 4th and October 11th, representatives from WEKAF GB were proud to assist with the livestream of the Arnis Junior Olympics. Supported by the Cebu City Sports Council, Department of Education, and Doce Pares HQ, under 18s competed in double stick forms across 8 categories (4 age groups split into male/female). Due to technical problems on the 4th, the second part of the event had to be postponed to the 11th, but luckily judges from the Philippines, Great Britain, and Germany were available on both dates. Barry (as co-commentator) and Andrew (as a judge) were both highly impressed with the performers' skill and athleticism.

Head over to to see the action (links to Oct 11th stream).

WEKAF GB has since been asked to assist with future virtual events, including an upcoming international competition. Watch this space!

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