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Officials Course in London

We are looking for new judges/officials for upcoming tournaments, which will start in November. The first officials training course is on 11th September, 10am-2pm in London (White City). The course costs £35, and qualifies candidates to officiate at domestic (UK) level competitions (L1). We normally pay our officials a flat rate of £50 per day to cover competitions, and once they have some domestic tournaments under their belt, they will be eligible to officiate at European (L2) and Global (L3) levels (also note that for obvious reasons, tournament personnel are not permitted to compete in the same event that they are officiating).

This is a short 1-day course to introduce candidates to the scoring system for One-hit and Continuous sparring formats and no prior experience is necessary. We recommend bringing a pad and pen, and candidates are encouraged to bring their own sparring gear (we will be doing sparring rounds to allow candidates to practice scoring). To keep standards high we are limiting numbers to no more than 12 training candidates. If the event reaches maximum capacity, we will start a reserve list and those added to it will be given priority on the next course.

Interested parties please get in touch.

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